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It's all about balance & coping

I began exploring the chakras in my early 30's, when my 3 boys were quite young and my career as a psychiatric nurse and clinical director had worn me down in a way that even the words "burned out" could not describe.  I felt like I had lost the essence of who I was as a person, as a mother, and as a nurse.  I found my self searching for a new way to re-connect with my authentic self and restore balance... At the time, I really didn't know what I was looking for.  But, basically, I was unhappy and felt like crap and wanted to enjoy life again.  I looked everywhere for a solution.  

I found that there were many "healers" and "coaches" out there in the internet-land making promises to heal and restore the wounded woman of world using their woo-woo language and vague interventions.  It annoyed me.  I thought, I just want to be me... I don't want to join your starry-eyed, granola-eating  world of yoga and rhetoric... Give me something real!

I studied every healing method I could and hired at least 14 different "healers," but in the end found that real healing meant that I needed to be involved in the process and not leave my mending up to some airy-fairy light worker.  

I developed Chakra Coaching Therapy while doing graduate work at Goddard College in Vermont, just as I began my personal healing journey.  I returned to school to with the intention of getting involved in research that would lead the compassion fatigued nurses (like myself) to a restored place of balance and joy.  My graduate research showed me how energy really worked and led me to develop a healing model that made metaphorical use of the chakras for balanced living, self-healing, and authentic expression.  

Today, I continue to work in the behavioral health field as a board-certified Holistic Nurse.  I have helped hundreds of women learn balance by keeping "healing" real and accessible.  I believe in educating people about how to manage their own energy and in giving them tools to heal themselves.  And, I do it without the (sometimes intimidating) language that only makes sense to energy healers.  I teach people root-to-crown approaches for physical awareness, emotional stability, personal strength, ignited passion, self-expression, inspired vision, and spiritual connection.  And, I make sure they have damn good time learning all of this business!

Being a nurse and spending almost 20 years in a Community Mental Health Setting have given me a particular insight about how people learn, how people change, and how people grow... and it is NOT a passive process.  People don't grow or change unless they fully understand the why's and how's of the healing work.  They don't want someone telling them what to do; and they don't want someone telling them to drink more water or do more yoga!  Water and yoga can be good for you, but they aren't going to change your life unless your whole problem boils down to being dehydrated and not getting enough exercise.  

Chakra Coaching Therapy is about:

1. Helping you understand how the events and circumstances in your life have created dysfunction.

2. Guiding you to process that dysfunction in a proactive way that you are able to rule your own life (rather than having these events and circumstances rule it).

3. Working with you to set goals and make decisions about the changes you want to see your life.

4. Giving you tools and information so that you can actually make those changes.

5. Supporting you (and sometimes giving you accountability) as you actually make those changes.

This is a powerful method that has helped all of my clients see profound change in their lives!

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